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Struituso OOC and ST Empty Struituso OOC and ST

Post by Afullstopwes on Tue Dec 26, 2017 10:09 pm

+150 MTZ (Starting)
-Construction of University at Point A near Octavia. Starts 00:00 Dec 30. Finishes 20:00 Dec 30. 10 MTZ.
-Grant to National Struitusan Research Centers. 30 MTZ.
75/90 Production
+90 MTZ/cycle
1 500 000 population
UR: 0
RGU: 0


Army - National Struitusan Army:

1st Division (14MP): 5x Standard Infantry, 2x Special Forces, 1x Tank Regiment
2nd Division (12MP): 3x Artillery, 3x Standard Infantry
3rd Division (7MP): 3x AA Trucks, 1x Standard Infantry
4th Division - "Rangers"(17MP): 4x Special Forces, 1x Anti Tank, 1x Anti Inf
Total: 50 MP
Navy - National Struitusan Navy:

1st Carrier Strike Group (12MP): 1x Aircraft Carrier, 2x Destroyer, 1x AA Cruiser, 1x Attack Sub
1st Carrier Air Wing (8MP): 4x Air Superiority Squadrons
31st Flotilla (9MP): 1x Heavy Cruiser, 1x Missile Cruiser, 1x Light Cruiser, 1x AA Cruiser
Personnel Support (4MP): 1x Standard Inf, 1x Special Forces
Total: 33 MP
Air Force - National Struitusan Air Force:

1st Fighter Wing (10MP): 5x A.S.S
1st Bomber Wing (10MP): 5x Bombers
1st Attack Wing (10MP): 5x Ground Attack
Strategic Lifter Wing (n MP): 1x Strategic Cargo Plane (when system is done)
Total: 30+n MP
TOTAL: 113+n MP

Strategic Map (OOC):


+30 MTZ by Grant Program I.
-30 MTZ to Nuclear Weapons
Research of Nuclear Weapons. Begins at 20:00 30 December 2017. Finishes 6 January 2018. Prefunded with 30 MTZ$. Completed at University of Octavia.

All information given here is OOC and cannot be used IC without explicit written permission by Afullstopwes

All projects begun before December 29 are considered to begin on December 29

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