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Political Unrest in the Democratic People's Republic of Sud

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Political Unrest in the Democratic People's Republic of Sud Empty Political Unrest in the Democratic People's Republic of Sud

Post by Afullstopwes on Thu Jun 22, 2017 10:28 pm

The following is a situation report by the N-Cubed news organization of Oxuythar
After videos from the "outside" world were leaked to Sudian citizens, many civilians were publicly executed.

Tensions escalated.
The situation blew up.

The city of Faible is under siege by a crowd of several hundred thousand citizens.

The Sudian Military is attempting to hold them off.

The traitors to the Sudian Military are aiding the civilians.

The following is a transcript of an emergency meeting of the Council of Nations in Svetland. Two delegates, one adminstrative and one militant, were sent from each nation, sans the DPRS
Prime Minister Tripp of Oxuythar, accompanied by Admiral Toma Fouxx, addressed the assembly after much debate. "Mr. Listener Armok, I am aware your nation does not wish to pursue a large active military, and that your military is primarily defensive, but I request from every nation forces for a coalition assault upon Faible. We can finally depose the General Ravel. I assume that you are all in agreement. Let us split up. Let the military leaders draft a plan of assault. Let the heads of state draft an agreement to maintain coalition integrity. Let the General fall.
Thank you."
"Let's, Madame Prime Minister. Let's."

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