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The Nation of Mandalore Empty The Nation of Mandalore

Post by GSi on Fri Jun 02, 2017 2:51 pm

National Info:

Mandalore's government is a complex one.
The basic family member within a Clan is the Warrior, noted by their more loose will to go and do what they please. Only being under the charge of their Chiefs, who have taken them into their clan's territory as family to share resources with and defend said territory side-by-side.
Rallymasters represent the second in command of a Clan, sharing the burden of leadership with their Chiefs. The Rallymasters traditionally focus their efforts on external affairs such as cross-clan diplomacy and recruitment. The act of Rallying.
Chieftains :
Chiefs are the leaders the Clans. Their role in society is to keep track of all the Mandalorians within a Clan, and enforce the Mandalorian way of life. They are also meant to establish laws and rule of engagement within the Clan as well as oversee stocks and rations.
Mand'alore :
The duty of the Mandalore being equivalent to that of a War-chief, with access to every Mandalorian Clan. The service of a Mandalorian Clan no matter the chieftain is always at the command of a Mandalore. As Mandalore a Mandalorian lords over the entire people, directing Mandalorian Society as a whole. Traditionally seen as Prophets and chosen beings. Some clans even believe in Mandalores ascending to Godhood.
Ruling Clan:
When a Mandalore rises so does their family. Ruling Clans are often directly beside the Mandalore at all times. Being converted to honor-guards to defend their clan's position atop the Hierarchy. Being in the same Clan as the Mandalore also provides many more recruits for said Clan to build their numbers as well as granting them quite significant pull when it comes to bartering within Mandalorian Space.
Provincial Map:
Foreign Relations:


Friendly: Australius



-3 Tank regiment, 3MP
-3 Anti-infantry vehicle, 2MP
Air Force:
-3 Air Superiority Squadron, 2MP
-3 Bomber, 3MP
-1 Carrier, 4MP
-1 Destroyer, 2MP
-1 AA cruiser, 2MP
-1 Attack Sub, 2MP
-1 Destroyer, 2MP
Dha Werda Verda:
Total MP: 37

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