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Danu Deltora OOC

Post by zhutkowski11 on Sun Apr 16, 2017 9:55 pm

Spending Log::

-Construction of 6 military bases in Province Indios (orange): Starts on 4/17/17, 6 AM. Finishes at 4/17/17 at 4 PM. Cost: 6,180 TZ$
-Construction of 2 industrial parks in Province Afrias (yellow): Starts on 4/17/17, 6 AM. Finishes at 4/18/17 at 2 AM. Cost: 80 TZ$
Total Balance: $143, 840
Production in use: 100/110
Production Remaining: 10/110
MP: 0/1250, 0/1000
Population 1,500,000

Afrias: Yellow
Indios: Orange
Europios: Blue


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