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Australius OOC

Post by thut678 on Sat Apr 15, 2017 10:19 pm

Spending Log:
Construction of 5 uranium mines in Piscanae starting 6/4/17 10 am ending 6/5/17 at 11 am costing 62.5 MTZ$
Construction of 2 National Bank Branches starting 6/5/17 at 11 am ending on 6/6/17 at 7 am costing 20 MTZ$
Deployment of 1st Ariel Fleet and the Air Force starting 6/4/17 at 10 pm ending on 6/5/17 at 9 am costing 5.5 TZ$
Deployment of 1st Ground Batalion and 1st Amored Batalion starting 6/6/17 at 17:00 ending on 6/7/17 at 2:00 costing 5.25 MTZ$

Researching Science Starter starting 11 am on 6/5/17 ending on 6/6/17 at 2 am costing 7.5 MTZ$
Nuclear Program:

Total Balance: 24.625 MTZ$
Production in use:  NaN/68.2
Production Remaining: NaN/68.2
Population: 750,000
Uranium Stores:
Uranium mined every day at 8 am, Diffusion begins every Monday at 6 am and ends on Tuesday at 6 am
Current stores: Raw 0, RGU 0

Circum (Purple)
Capitalus (Blue)
Armed Forces:

1st Ground Battalion- 6 MP:
3x Standard Infantry
1x Special Forces
1st Amored Batalion-15 MP:
x Tank Regiment
2x Artillery
1st Aerial Fleet-14 MP:
2x Carriers
1x Missle Cruiser
2x AA Cruiser
Air Force-8 MP:
3x Bombers
1x Air SUpeioritry Squadron

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